We enforce some reasonable limits on the data to ensure smooth processing on our platform. Most limits can be relaxed if necessary, contact support if you hit a limit that prevents you from completing your analysis.

Data limits

Limits on projects
1. Max 10 Questions per project
2. Max 14 MB File Size (Excel, SPSS, CSV, etc.) for upload

3. At most 10'000 rows per file for upload
We also recommend to keep projects below 40'000 rows (respondents) but do not enforce this currently. Split up your project per year/month/week if it exceeds the recommended size.

Limits on Codes & Categories
1. A maximum of 150 Codes
2. Not more than 50 Characters for the Code Name (put examples and lengthy descriptions in the Code Description instead)
3. At most 30 Characters for the Category Name

User limits
Your plan may limit the number of users your organization can have, upgrade your subscription to increase the number of possible users: https://caplena.com/app/account/subscription

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