What are credits for?

Credits are Caplena's currency. You can use credits to pay for the analysis of your data. When buying a subscription or non-expiring credits, your account is filled up with credits.

How many credits will I be charged?

Every text element (i.e. one cell in Excel) costs one credit. Only the text elements in your question columns (the one's that you select during upload) will cost you credits. You can have as many other columns as auxiliary columns as you like, they won't be charged. Empty rows will not be charged.

Example: A project with 1 question and 4 rows costs 4 credits.

Example: A project with 2 questions and 4 rows costs 8 credits.

How much credits do semi-open / list questions cost?

A question will cost the same, no matter if it is a semi-open of fully-open one. But if you merge multiple semi-open questions into one, it will only count as one question.

When are credits deducted?

Credits are deducted the first time you make use of your data. Events that will trigger credit deductions are:

  • Downloading your data;

  • Using your data in charts;

  • Using your data in dashboards.

Uploading does usually not deduct credits from your account

But there are special cases, where credits will be deducted during upload:

  • When uploading projects with more than 2500 rows and activating translations;

  • When uploading data through the API, except if the responses are reviewed.

  • When questions are already used in a dashboard or chart and you upload additional rows to that project.

In these cases, the credits will be deducted during upload already.

Will I be billed again when changing data and downloading it again

No, every row will only be billed once. You can change, visualize and download the data as often as you like after that.

Am I billed twice when downloading a question and creating a chart from it?

No: Credits are only deducted the first time you make use of your data. You will never be charged for the same element of text twice.

Example: You download your project, triggering the deduction of credits. Then you create a chart with it - this will not incur additional charges.

Example: You download your project, triggering the deduction of credits. Then you add 10 more rows to your question and create a chart for the entire question. The creation of the chart will then trigger the deduction of the 10 additional credits you have not been billed for yet.

I have dummy-variables in my data, will I be charged for these?

By default we do not count empty rows towards your credits. If you have additional dummy data in your files (e.g. -99 representing empty responses), you can define up to three dummy-values on your account page which will not be counted in subsequent uploads.

Dummy values

Where can I see how my credits were used?

You can track your credit usage on your account page (you need to be logged in to view this).

I am part of an organization, how do credits work then?

If you are part of an organization, the root user of your organization is the one that will be billed for the credits that you use.

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