Can I try Caplena out?

Yes you can! 😃 We will offer you a free two-week trial to test Caplena with your own data.

Is the trial for free?

Yes it is! 😎

Ok, I would like to test, how can I start?

We recommend you to first book a quick (30 min.) demo here.

After the call / demo we will  setup your trial account for your specified date. The purpose of the demo is to make sure that your test will be as efficient and valuable as possible for you. If you wish to test Caplena, without a demo (which we do not recommend 😉), please drop us an email at

Can my colleagues also try Caplena?

Of course. After the quick demo, you will be able to invite up to 10 colleagues to join your team. You will be define different roles or give them access to specific projects only.

Can I test with my own data?

Yes, during your two-week trial you can also upload your own data within the platform to test Caplena. We support different file formats, such as Excel, CSV, SPSS or JSON data. You will receive 15'000 credits for this two-week test-period. Please refer to this help article about credits for more information.

I have already coded data, can I reuse that?

Yes, you can send us your already coded data before the trial and we will ingest it into your account. You can use it to automatically tag new projects or evaluate the quality of Caplena's algorithm. Plus, you can reuse already created codebooks.

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