How do Caplena's subscriptions work?

Whatever you need, we have a subscription that fits your needs. It is your membership to Caplena's self service platform. Our subscriptions enable you to use different sets of features on Caplena. If logged in, you can view and change your current subscription yourself.

What is the minimum subscription duration?

When purchasing a subscription in your account, you can choose between a monthly (with a monthly auto-renewal) or an annual (with an yearly auto-renewal) subscription cycle. Monthly contracts can be cancelled any time, so you could e.g. buy a subscription for one month only. With an annual subscription, the yearly amount is billed upfront.

Why are there different subscriptions?

Our subscriptions reflect the needs of our customers. They are modular, building on each other and only differ in their features, that they unlock. Please refer to our self-service pricing page for a feature comparison.

When will I be billed?

Your bill will always be issued at the beginning of your subscription cycle. E.g., if you setup a monthly subscription starting on May 4th, you will be billed at the 4th day of each month. With annual billing, you will be billed again in exactly one year after having subscribed to Caplena.

How do credits fit in my subscription?

In Caplena's world, credits are your currency to use Caplena's services. Check out our help article on credits to see how they work.

One credit corresponds to the analysis or download of one text / feedback response. Each subscription comes with 1'500 credits per subscription month. These monthly credits are expiring at the end of the subscription month if not used. In addition, you can top-up your account with non-expiring credits. These are only deducted from your account when you use them.

If you have non-expiring as well as monthly credits in your account, the system will try to use up your monthly credits before touching the non-expiring ones.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade your subscription at any point in your account page, which will instantaneously unlock your new set of features. Your subscription cycle will not be changed. If you wish to downgrade your subscription, you can also do this in your account page as well. The changes will apply immediately as well and you will be charged pro-rata for the cheaper subscription.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

We hope it will never come to that! 🙂 But if you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so on your account page. Canceling before your next subscription cycle will also end the auto-renewal for the next cycle automatically.

Do I need a subscription for the managed service?

No you don't. Our managed service is setup as a separate stand-alone offering. Please refer to our managed service page for more information.

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