How to enable automatic translations?

During upload, choose Yes on the Automatic Translation select menu.

Into what language are the answers translated?

They are translated to the main language selected during upload. We strongly recommend to set this to the same language you'll create your codebook in.

How is the source language determined?

The source language is detected automatically for every answer The text will be translated only if it is not already in the main language.

How much does automatic translation cost?

Fees for automatic translation services are already included in your subscription and your Ad-Hoc credits, no additional charges incur for translations.

When should I enable the automatic translations?

We strongly recommend turning on automatic translations in the following cases:

  1. You have a multilingual study with different languages in the same dataset (e.g. the codebook is in English but responses are in Chinese, English, German, etc.);
  2. Your survey is in a language that is not supported by Caplena (see supported languages);
  3. You need your codebook to be in a different language than the verbatims;
  4. You don't speak the language the responses are in and thus require translations 🙂.

How do I chose between Google Translate and DeepL?

DeepL is a newish player with very good translation quality, however only a limited set of languages is supported (click on "Supported languages" during the upload process to learn more). Anecdotally, we've found DeepL to yield a bit better results both with automatic and manual coding. If you choose DeepL and have texts in non-supported languages, you'll get nonsensical answers since DeepL will try to detect the language but fails to do so. It then takes the "closest" language - which will be completely off. We thus recommend Google Translate for studies with non-supported languages.

I know how the source language for each of my answers, how can I specify that?

Specifying the source language for answers is currently only available through the API. Just supply the `source_language` property for every answer that you POST.

Where can I see the translated texts?

We allow to view and export both translated and the original texts in our app. Available options depend on the view:

  1. Codebook Wizard and visualizations: Only translated text is shown in verbatim browser
  2. Coding View: Both translated and original text visible. Hover over the translation symbol next to the text to display translation information on the particular verbatim. Switch between displaying source or translated text using the "View Options"

Can I export the translated texts?

Yes you can. We can enable download of translated texts per user, let us know if you'd like to get the translated text by dropping us a note at

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