How to influence the number of codes attributed to answers?

Typically, we see that our AI assigns a relatively high number of codes to answers when none or few answers have been manually reviewed. This is mostly concerning general codes like "Overall Positive" or unspecific/ambiguous answers like "Great service". In the latter case the AI is unsure if it should assign for example "CUSTOMER SERVICE: positive" or "NETWORK COVERAGE: positive", so it usually assigns both since it's context dependent.

If this is an issue for your case there are multiple ways of fixing it:

  1. Review more answers: This issue goes away by itself as you review more answers manually. The AI will learn that in your case for example "Great service" refers to network coverage not to customer service.

  2. Ask us to enable the threshold slider for you which enables you to adjust from which confidence level a code is assigned to an answer (per default this value is at 50%). You can reach-out to us via

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